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Expert interview with company formation expert, Jacques Leuben.

Dave Meredith: Hello, my name is Dave Meredith and I’m going to introduce you to Jacques Luben who’s based in the US office of Start An American Company.  Today we’re going to discuss how to set up a company in the United States.  This process is probably much simpler than you might think.  Our UK office hopes that this brief overview will shed light on how we can help you establish an effective American operation.  Jacques, most clients who call or send an inquiry to the UK office ask the following questions:  Will it take long to set up my US company?  How does Start An American Company differ from other companies offering company incorporation services?  Is it complicated to set up a US bank account?  Do I need an office?  Do I need to register in a particular state if I have clients there, or can I register in another state that is more commercially beneficial to me?

Jacques Luben: Thank you, Dave.  These questions are fairly quick and easy to answer, so let me deal with them one at a time.  But before I do that, I want to emphasize that the greatest strength of our effort is that, when we receive an inquiry, we take the time to do a proper consultation.  And we’re also proud of the fact that we don’t just do incorporations, we offer a wide range of services that we talk to you about.  And we only direct you towards those that are appropriate to your specific needs.  Firstly, the question about how long will it take to set up a US company is quite straight forward.  Our UK processing team will ask for identification, a completed application form, and payment from you.  This will be checked and reviewed for a corporation.  The company formation will take several days and the scan of your documents will be sent via email as soon as the company has been properly registered.  The original documents will be sent to you in physical form shortly thereafter.  I would also add that we have the ability to register companies in all 50 US states plus the District of Columbia, which is Washington, D.C.  

Dave Meredith: Could you explain how Start An American Company differs from other companies offering US incorporation services?

Jacques Luben: Well, Dave, that’s quite simple.  We have highly trained staff members who are specialized in inquiries asked by our international clientele.  We handhold our clients every step of the way from the initial inquiry through to assistance with company registration, virtual office services, bank account, tax registrations if necessary, accountancy, and even immigration.

Dave Meredith: Can you set up a bank account for non-US clients?

Jacques Luben: Well, Dave, I’m pleased to say that in most cases we can set up a US bank account.  It does involve certain paperwork, identification, references, but we’re normally successful.  What we find is that, once you set up a company in the US, a bank account will make you much more effective in terms of being able to transact with American and non-US companies around the world.  Please contact us in the UK or on our American number to ask specific questions about the process of getting a bank account opened.

Dave Meredith: Jacques, will I need an office for my US company?

Jacques Luben: Well, Dave, that answer comes in two parts.  When you register a company in the United States, we automatically provide a registered office, which is the same as a legal office for your company in any state where you incorporate.  That’s simply a basic requirement in each jurisdiction.  In addition to that, you have the ability to open an office that is more ample for mail forwarding, telephones, or any of the other services that you feel will solidify your presence in the US.  All of those services are available through us.  It’s a question of figuring out how big of a presence you want in the US.  Sometimes the initial presence is fairly small, but as the US company grows, we’re able to provide more and more services that will give you a full-fledged American identity.  I would also like to add that we have a very strong link to the World Trade Center of Delaware.  The world trade sector here provides our clients with virtual office address which is prestigious in terms of being able to use that address on websites, business cards, invoices, etc.  That’s something that you can ask about when you call our number.

Dave Meredith: Do I need to register in a particular state if I have clients there or can I register in another state that is more commercially beneficial to me?

Jacques Luben: There is no legal requirement to set up a company in the same state as your client.  For the most part, non-US business owners prefer to benefit from the tax advantages of being registered to do business in Delaware and Nevada.  Those are excellent launching pads for being in this country.  Again, we will give you a customized answer when you call us for a consultation because the circumstances of each new company are different and we feel that you deserve a very special answer to meet your particular requirements.

Dave Meredith: Thank you, Jacques, for that valuable information.  If any of our listeners have questions that we have not addressed, we cordially invite you to contact us either by email or by either of the numbers listed on this website.
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