LLC Formation In Delaware

Delaware is one of the most popular states to form a company as it provides a complete package of services, including modern and flexible corporate laws, and a highly-respected Court of Chancery. In addition, the State Government is very business-friendly, with tax benefits for non-residents, and the Delaware Division of Corporations which is very customer service oriented. Some of the major benefits of company formation in Delaware are detailed below:

  • There is NO Corporate Income Tax for corporations as long as you do not transact your business in Delaware. You can therefore effectively incorporate your business in Delaware, operate in another state or country, and pay no Corporate Income Tax.
  • There is NO Sales Tax if you are not operating within the state.
  • You must pay an Annual Franchise Tax but this is often just a $125.00 flat fee, or $250.00 for a LLC incorporation.
  • Shares of stock are not subject to Delaware state taxes if the owner lives outside of the state.
  • One individual may act as the company president, secretary, treasurer, and sole director.
  • Numerous types of business can be operated under a single corporate structure.
  • Shareholders can communicate in writing without holding meetings.
  • Non-shareholders are permitted to join the board of directors.
  • Corporate records may be kept in any state, does not have to be Delaware.
  • Delaware has no Sales Tax or Personal Property Tax.

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How long does it take to incorporate in Delaware?

Delaware incorporation takes approximately one week, upon receipt of all relevant information. The Delaware company registration documents can be sent to you, anywhere in the world.

Requirements for LLC Formation In Delaware

  • Minimum share capital $1
  • An increase in the shares may cause an increase in the initial filing fee
  • At least one director is required.
  • Residency for directors is not required.
  • Directors are not required to be listed in the articles of incorporation.
  • The name must contain corporation, incorporation or an abbreviation.
  • The name must not be similar to another incorporation.
  • Annual Franchise Tax: $250
  • To pay local taxes EIN Number.

Company Formation Fees


Start a business in Delaware with Serviced or Virtual Offices

  • Virtual offices include telephone, fax and mail forwarding facilities. The cost is £200 per month payable quarterly in advance, plus £600 deposit refundable within 30 days upon termination of your office contract.
  • Service offices are designed according to requirement.


Contact us and we  will introduce you directly  to an insured and regulated CPA/Accountant in the USA who will be able to review your requirements with you.

How Do I Proceed With Company Incorporation in Delaware?

In order to start a business in Delaware and commence the Delaware company registration procedure, we require the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • 100% of the company formation Delaware cost, due on receipt of a pro-forma invoice from us.
  • A certified copy of each Directors/Shareholders passport.
  • Two utility bills less than three months old.

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Company Name Check Service

In Delaware, company names have to be approved first to see if they are acceptable as well as available for use. They will only be rejected if they are the same or similar phonetically or in spelling of an existing company or if the name implies state ownership or sponsorship. Certain words such as Insurance, bank or group or generally prohibited for an LLC. To show that your company is a limited liability company, either the suffix ‘Limited Liability Company’ or ‘’Limited Company’ must be affixed or alternately their corresponding abbreviations ‘LLC’ and LC’. Click here to fill in our form and get your name checked now…