Immigration to the United States

How we help you with your USA Immigration



There are many different options to explore when considering your move to the USA, but here are the three most popular routes:

Green Card Investor Visa – EB-5

This is a direct route to a green card for an applicant, spouse and children under 21 years through an investment of $500,000. This is a well-established program which draws investors to the USA from all over the world, due to benefits which include –

  • Permanent US residency after two years
  • The ability to manage your existing business interests or seek US employment
  • Freedom to live anywhere in the USA
  • No minimum education or business experienced is required
  • No English language speaking ability is required
  • College fees are set at the same rates as for US citizens.

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Transferring a Business to the USA – L-1A

This visa either allows an existing business outside of the US, with at least four employees, to establish an office in the USA, or it can be used by a US company with an affiliated office overseas in order to transfer a senior member of staff over to the USA.

  • An L-1A allows a visa holder to move to the US with their spouse and unmarried children under the age of twenty one
  • Through L-1A the opportunity exists to become a permanent resident, – a holder may petition for a green card depending on the success of the business
  • The spouse of an L-1A holder may apply for authorisation to work.

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Starting a Business in the USA – E-2

The E-2 is a visa which allows a national of a treaty country – one with which the USA has established a treaty of commerce and navigation – to establish a business in the USA and reside there in order to develop it, through investing a substantial amount of capital.

  • E-2 allows you to work legally within the enterprise you have invested into in the US
  • Stay in the US with indefinite two year extensions as long as you maintain business performance
  • The ability to travel freely in and out of the United States
  • With this category, an individual can to move to the USA along with their spouse and unmarried children under 21
  • Your spouse may apply for authorisation to work in the USA.

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