United States Trademarks

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Trademarking your product or brand will be important for protecting your business. If you do register for a trademark in the US it will allow you the use of the ® symbol. This symbol can be used wherever you use your trademark, and puts confidence in your customers that your business is well established and professional.

A trademark shows that you have invested in your brand, and will be around for a long time. It is also associated with many major brands, and will reflect positively on your public image.


Trademark classes

Since 1973 trademark classes have been standardised in the U.S. according to the international class system, organised by the Nice agreement. While you will have to register in most countries separately to enforce your trademarks, the classes you use to register should be the same in almost every country.

There are 34 classes for products, and a further 11 classes for services. While these may seem straightforward, the designation of certain products can be a little bit tricky. Downloadable computer software for instance is a class 9 product, but pre-installed software is considered a class 42 service.

For more information on navigating the world of US trademark classes, or for help applying for a trademark in America, don’t hesitate to contact us.