Top 4 Benefits of Company Registration USA for Overseas Business Owners


Company registration USA can have many benefits, and every day smart non-American business owners open the doors on virtual and brick and mortar corporations alike. Without the need to be present, all the details can be handled by a U.S. Company Formation specialist familiar with the requirements and benefits available in all 50 states and the paperwork sent to you anywhere in the world. While some benefits may vary according to the type of business you set up, there are 4 huge business privileges every foreign business owner can enjoy with company registration USA. Here they are in no particular order.


Liability Protection

With higher levels of personal protection than European company registration, and at a fraction of the cost, this is one area where owning a business registered in America makes so much sense for the foreign investor. The United States business owner has a much lower level of personal responsibility than most all other countries offer, and formation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is fast and inexpensive when handled by a seasoned business corporation specialist.


Corporate Tax Rate Reduction

Since the Federal Tax Reform act of 1986, the United States has become incredibly attractive to overseas business owners looking to escape claustrophobic and bottom-line-killing tax rates. Federal income tax for business foreign-owned is only 15% for the first $50,000 and only increases incrementally. With overseas rates of 30% and up on the first dollar earned, it is easy to see why company registration USA is a business designation coveted the world over.


Anonymity for the owner

Only the directors of your business need to be listed for most business entities in the United States. This allows you, the owner, to remain anonymous. And nominee directorship can be set up for by your U.S. Company Formation specialist if you do not have a list of directors in mind. Discuss the different types of businesses that receive this wonderful privacy privilege with your business formation consultant, and they can explain each in detail.


Asset Protection

Offering total protection of any and all of your personal assets, you can allow your American registered business to be the owner of your real estate, bank accounts, and other physical and virtual wealth. You can then lease access to these items under favorable terms back to yourself. And withholding tax is not collected from a U.S. corporation when real estate is sold, like it would be from a foreign individual.

These are just a few ways that company registration USA can benefit the overseas, non-American owner. Get all of the most up to date information from only a seasoned, respected U.S. Company Formation firm with years of experience helping the foreign business owner make the most of the beneficial corporate landscape America has to offer.