Ikea Invests in Texas Renewable

Ikea Invests in Texas Renewables

Ikea has made another massive investment in the renewable energy sector as it purchases its second wind farm in the United States.

The Ikea group already has a 98 megawatt (mw) facility in Illinois, of which they bought in April, and now they have just announced the purchase of a 165 mw facility in Cameron County, Texas.flag-texas

The Texas location will see Ikea add 55 Acciona’s 3 mw turbines to their growing number of turbines and together, their two U.S wind farms will produce around 1,000 gigawatt hours of electricity which is about the equivalent of 90,00 average U.S. homes.

Ikea has been investing in renewable energies for a number of years now with the ultimate goal of offsetting their electricity consumption of the whole organisation by 2020 with there being a focus on the overall kilowatt hours rather than the actual location of the turbines. In the United States, Ikea is actually producing more energy than it consumes in those locations. U.S. Acting President Rob Olson said of Ikea’s developments in this area:

“From a U.S. perspective, we are in a good spot. We have already surpassed our usage today, but what we are able to do is to benefit the total IKEA company. The U.S. has very favourable locations…we can go deeper here than some other locations. We believe it is a pivotal moment in time for political leadership to limit temperature increases to two degrees C, and we are trying to do our part wherever feasible across the globe. Being a global company, we can identify the ideal locations for renewables.”

Texas has long been a centre for the energy market but usually oil and gas and so many environmentalists will welcome this greener move from Ikea as will business leaders in the state. It is not just wind that Ikea sees as a viable renewable energy source as they also have165,000 solar panels located on U.S. facilities (totalling 38 MW, on 90% of its locations). It has also installed geothermal heating and cooling systems in stores in Colorado and Kansas, while investing in efficient lighting, such as LEDs, in many locations.

Texas has welcomed much energy investment over the years which sees it stake its claim as one of the richest states in America. With a business friendly environment and growing job opportunities many are now considering it the place to be.

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