US Company Formation


Choosing The Right State and Corporate Entity


US company formation choices obviously include what type of business structure you want to set up, but choosing the correct state is important as well. And though every state is covered by certain federal laws, business filing is left up to each individual state to declare and regulate. Some states such as Delaware require a minimal initial Share Capitalization of only $1 US, while other states ask for much more. The tax structure for your business also differs from state to state, as well as requirements for the number of directors needed, and whether they must be listed in the articles of incorporation.


Did you know that many states require the directors of your corporation to reside in their state when you file for US company formation, but a few like New Jersey do not? These are just some of the many different choices you will be presented with if you choose a US company formation specialist who understands exactly what each state requires, and how best to tailor those choices to your company needs.


What type of corporation you open should also be decided very carefully. A US shelf corporation functions quite differently than a shelf corporation in Europe. While there are similarities, the inherent cultural and legal differences are monumental. Purchasing a business that was incorporated several years ago in a state that lends a particular cache you are trying to achieve can instantly make your US company formation a success, and provide you with a mailing address that would make most business owners green with envy.


Or perhaps you just need a “virtual office” set up in the state that is the most liberal in tax laws. You receive all of the benefits of a traditional physical office, but actually own no real office space. These offices come in a variety of packages, from a very simple business address and mail service, to a fully function virtual office with email, fax, telephone and mail forwarding services. But even these minimal services vary in cost and filing requirements from state to state. YA seasoned US company formation specialist will be able to discern in a short telephone interview exactly what type of service you need to reach the results you are trying to achieve.


So when seeking US company formation, whether you live abroad or in the United States, be prepared to ask and to answer a lot of questions regarding your specific goals and needs. Then, and only then, can a US company formation specialist custom fit the correct state and business entity package to your business that will guarantee your satisfaction and corporate success.


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