Top Benefits of Setting Up a Business in the USA for Non-Residents

Setting Up a Business in the USA for Non-Residents

Setting up a business in the USA can make a lot of sense to the overseas investor. Whether you live in the UK, or some other country “across the pond”, incorporating in one of the many United States that provides just what you are looking for in terms of business-friendly benefits is one of the smartest corporate decisions you can make. Tax and geographical benefits, non-residency allowances and a multitude of business entities to choose from make setting up a business in the USA very attractive indeed, and the cost of doing so can be kept to a minimum when hiring a seasoned, experienced business Formation firm.


One of the most desirable benefits of setting up a business in the USA to the non-resident is the incredibly diverse group of corporate entities presented by the different United States. Filing as a Limited Liability Corporation (L.L.C.) limits your personal exposure, and certain states make this type of incorporation even more attractive to the business owner. Knowing which state to file for an L.L.C. in, and which state is more friendly to a Sole Proprietorship if you are filing a business with a single Director is vitally important if your business goals are to be met.


Tax benefits not available in the country of your residence always provide a very attractive business bonus that has made setting up a business in the USA desirable to overseas investors for years. But every state is not the same, and knowing which states are more inclined to a tax-friendly partnership with your company is important. For example, New York offers corporate sales tax exemptions and real and personal tax exemptions when you file for incorporation there, but you must meet certain requirements. A respected U.S. Business Formation specialist can handle this for you effortlessly.


There is also the “name” cache that setting up a business in the USA delivers. If a New York or California street address is your goal, that can be achieved in as a little as a week’s time, with the paperwork sent to you anywhere in the world. And a U.S. Business Formation specialist can steer you towards the right state for minimal Share Capitalization, so starting up a new business doesn’t mean breaking the bank. How does $1 capitalization sound? That and other business benefits can be arranged when you deal with a knowledgeable U.S. Business Formation firm with years of experience incorporating non-Resident owned businesses in the U.S.

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