Top 5 US Company Formation Benefits For The Non-US Resident


US company formation is attractive to the overseas and non-US resident for a plethora of reasons. Some seek a physical presence, while others seek only name recognition. And while only a business formation specialist with years of hands-on experience incorporating foreign businesses in the US can answer your specific questions, listed below you will find the Top 5 benefits US company formation delivers to the foreign business owner.


1 – You get instant business respectability in name with US Company formation. Whether justly or not, many consumers and business professionals alike lend more respect and credibility to a corporation titled in the US than in many overseas countries. And if you want that American respectability immediately, due to contractual obligations or bidding time lines, you can step right into US company formation as soon as possible by purchasing a ready-made shelf company already titled in the US.


2 – The tax benefits in many states that are delivered to non-resident owners through US company formation can be much more attractive than those you are currently experiencing. For instance, incorporate in Delaware as a non-US resident, and you will pay 0% corporate tax on all business activities conducted outside of Delaware. This is a huge benefit, and immediately gives you American name respectability and access to the American consumer, and a very attractive tax status.


3 – You don’t have to be present for US company formation. That’s right, you can stay right where you are and forgo the long, expensive, tiring flight to the US. Usually within a week, all your corporation needs can be handled and the paperwork sent to you anywhere in the world. Just be sure to employ a seasoned firm that uses US business professionals, and your incorporation experience will be fast and error-free.


4 – You can get a physical presence in the states. This benefit is huge. Maybe you need a telephone number in America, and a mailing address, perhaps even an office front. All of those features can be yours through US company formation when you develop a virtual office in America. And you can do this quickly and inexpensively, and be in business as soon as possible.


5 – You narrow your personal liability. By forming an L.L.C. (limited liability corporation) you limit the amount of responsibility you personally have. Liability is focused to the business, not you, and you can be listed as a manager or director only, with nominee ownership. This can all be handled by a US company formation firm that knows the ever-changing business landscape thanks to their ongoing relationships with local US business professionals.


These are certainly not the only benefits US company formation offers to the overseas and non-US resident. Whatever your unique situation, US company formation has a unique solution for you.

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