Top 5 Reasons a Delaware Corporation is Right For You

Delaware Corporation


Incorporating your business in America in the 21st century makes sense for so many reasons, but there are so many choices for destination, how do you know where to incorporate? While several states are attractive for different reasons when you start an American company, Delaware Corporation provides several beneficial traits that many other states do not. Let’s take a quick look at the Top 5 reasons you would prefer Delaware Corporation over another state.


Delaware Corporation requires very low start up fees, but even more importantly, your company must only possess a total capitalization of all shares of $1 U.S. (That is less than 1 Euro for all you European investors!) There is obviously no state that can beat this minimal business capital requirement, and one of many reasons that thousands of businesses incorporate in Delaware.


Delaware Corporation also benefits from one of the business-friendliest State Governments in the entire United States. And with a customer service staff over at the Delaware Division of Corporations that truly does care about your satisfaction and smooth, quick corporate filing, you may find yourself incorporating multiple times there.


And Delaware Corporation definitely trumps other locations when it comes to their highly respected Court of Chancery. This “Corporate” Court uses the equity jurisdiction laws that existed in Great Britain before the American Colonies separated. With a heavy lean towards business, you simply won’t find more favorable attitudes toward your business should legal matters arise. As long as you incorporate correctly, this is a very positive feature of Delaware Corporation.


Delaware Corporation does not require residency in the state, so Americans and overseas investors living abroad can incorporate there and enjoy the many business benefits Delaware has to offer. This is especially nice for overseas companies who desire an American name or business address, and want a minimal investment to obtain one.


Finally, Delaware Corporation offers speed. In all but the most intricate filings, corporate status can be yours in a week or less, with your virtual or physical doors open for business. With other state’s filings running to thirty days, this is a huge benefit if speed is required.


There are also a complete range of business packages and corporate entities to choose from, virtual or fully staffed offices available, mail forwarding services and tax benefits that are very attractive. However, Delaware Corporation should not be attempted without experienced guidance. Contact a seasoned Business Formation specialist today, and when you start an American company, make the wise choice for Delaware Corporation, and your business will thank you.

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