Top 3 Ways to Open a Company in America and Run It from Europe


Many European investors want to open a company in America to benefit from the many business advantages that American incorporation offers the overseas investor. But most of those same European businessmen and women do not relish the thought of taking time out of their busy schedule, and working capital out of their business account to pay for an expensive trip to the United States to investigate the requirements of American incorporation. Fortunately, in this day of instant information and worldwide access to all corners of the globe via the World Wide Web, it is possible for the European investor to open a company in the United States and run it from their home base. The following three business entities allow you to do just that.


1 – Buy a Ready-Made Company

Definitely the quickest way to own an American corporation and run it from your headquarters in Europe is to purchase a ready-made company. These incorporations are in name only, have no physical presence, and have already been registered, and have passed all regulatory requirements. You simply pay the business license and any transfer fees, and in record time you are the owner of an American corporation.


2 – Open a Virtual Office

By opening a virtual office as opposed to a physical business, you benefit from an American business address and telephone number. Telephone and mail forwarding can be set up by your American incorporation specialist. Virtual offices are a low-cost way for European investors to open an American business and run it from their home country.


3 – Open a Fully Staffed Office

If you need to ship from a physical American address, have your American business incorporation consultant discuss a fully-staffed, fully-operational physical office in the United States. A seasoned American incorporation specialist can handle all the staffing, business incorporation and accounting needs for you for simple “one stop shopping” for you to run from your home or business headquarters in Europe.


These are just three ways that a European business owner or investor can register a corporation in America and thereby benefit from the awesome tax and limited liability advantages that American incorporation offers. But the numerous business entities which deliver the overseas investor the great business advantages of American incorporation are not limited to these three excellent vehicles. Contact a seasoned and respected American business incorporation firm today and set up a free consultation, and before you know it you’ll be running your American business from the comfort of your European homeland.

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