Start an American Company and Stay in Europe


So, you live in Europe, but you’ve heard of the wonderful tax and limited liability benefits that America offers the overseas investor, and you want to get on board. But you have two concerns. First off, you don’t know how to get started. And secondly, you don’t want to have to spend time and money flying to the United States to set up your business, much less have to fly back and forth running it. What if I told you it was not only easy to set up a business in America and run it from your European backyard, but also less expensive than you might think? Basically, there are a couple of ways to go if you want to start an American company and stay in Europe, and do it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

First off, you can open a fully functional, fully staffed physical office complete with high-speed Internet access and the latest and greatest telephone technology. You can also have that office fully staffed with a receptionist, a full-time secretary, conference room capabilities and mail and telephone number forwarding set up in a matter of days. And all of this can be handled without leaving your home or business. Thanks to the wonderful power of the Internet, you can arrange one-stop executive workspace shopping through a seasoned and respected American business incorporation specialist firm. Choose one that specializes in European overseas ownership business advantage maximization, and has a history of successful incorporating using local U.S. business contacts.

Secondly, if you don’t have the need for a physical storefront or business location, a virtual office can be set up for you that gives you the appearance of a physical American-soil presence. You’ll be provided with a telephone number and mailing address which instantly put you on the map as an American business corporation. And all paperwork can be mailed to you via your American business incorporation specialist firm. You never have to leave Europe, and you can set up any number of business entities in America and minimize your time and financial investment.

America offers the European investor several benefits, and tax structure and liability protection, and you as a business professional would be wise to discuss the wide range of possible business entities with your overseas business incorporation consultant. But there are a lot of firms to choose from, so which one do you use? Just make sure that the firm you choose offers a free consultation or online live questions and answers session, be very clear about your business goals, and you too can open a business in America and run it from Europe without ever leaving home.


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