Remote Banking in California


You don’t have to live in America any more to open a US business account. It’s now possible to open a remote Californian bank account without having to travel there, show your face in person, or even have your identity vetted.

In the past, you had to open an American bank account in person in the States, but now the power of the Internet has changed all that and investors from across the globe can benefit from the advantages that a remote bank account with a respected US financial institution brings.

Non-American business owners and investors across the world, can open a remote American bank account without the hassle and time consuming inconvenience of having to jet thousands of miles for the privilege.

Remote Californian banking provides many benefits for those business owners living outside of the States, including not least, the privacy and financial credibility that comes with owning a secure American bank account.

The key though is to find the right firm of online specialists in remote global banking who will hold your hand through the process. There still aren’t many out there but these are the people who fully understand the regulatory and legal compliance needed to kick start your US remote banking relationship. It’s well worth choosing wisely. Thinking that an average banker or financial expert will be able to advise on the set up, is a mistake. Some of the best online remote banking account providers will make sure that you own an American address and phone number as well.

With a US remote bank account, you have immediate financial credibility and the means to transfer your funds privately from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

There are no security worries either, as remote banking in California involves a technology that allows businesses to scan paper cheques and transmit them from an office anywhere in the world, direct to the bank by a secure internet connection for processing and clearing. It is a federally insured account, based in a country benefiting from the greatest economy in the world.

The remote banking system also runs a quality check, is simple to use, has a zoom in button to look closer at aspects of any cheque such as written amounts and signature. Multiple layers of security include password protection, Internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption – the highest level of security commercially available.

By using digital image technology instead of paper cheques, you speed up the process of the cheques being cleared.

It allows financial solutions to provide a substitute cheque or IRD (Image Replacement Document), instead of the original cheque for processing.

Substitute cheques are the legal equivalent of an original cheque for all purposes, including any provision of Federal or State law.