Open A Californian Remote Bank Account


Could your company benefit from the credibility that comes with having a US bank account? Perhaps you think you can’t afford the time to fly to the States to set one up in person. The good news is that non-resident Americans, living anywhere in the world, can now easily open a remote US bank account without even having to leave the comfort of their office or home country.

Gone are the days when non-resident investors or business owners had to travel to America to open a US account in person. Now, due to the power of the Internet, the world has shrunk and foreign investors can open a remote Californian bank account, gaining the flexibility to transfer funds, quickly, securely and with total privacy, 24 hours a day.

To make this a financial reality, the only thing you really need to find is a professional firm specialising in providing online remote global banking. The problem is, there still aren’t many financial experts concentrating in this area. It requires a clear understanding of all the regulatory and legal compliance issues involved in setting up a remote bank account, and really is a niche area. An average banker or financial expert won’t probably have dealt with this before. A credible online remote banking provider, will look after you through the process and could even ensure you own an American address and phone number as part of the deal.

Remote banking in California is a completely safe way of transferring large sums of money as it’s a federally, insured account in a country boasting the greatest economy in the world.

Remote banking involves revolutionary technology that allows companies to scan paper cheques and transmit them from an office anywhere in the world, direct to the bank via a secure Internet connection that processes and clears.

Cutting out the time consuming need to physically send or take deposits to a bank branch, the funds can be sent at any time of day or night via the internet and processed and cleared more quickly.

During the process of scanning and imputing details of a payment, a quality check is made. As well as the remote deposit transaction which speed up the clearing process, it also means any fraudulent cheques are spotted and queried more quickly.

This way of internet banking is totally safe as it involves multiple layers of security, including password protection, Internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption – the highest level of security commercially available.

Leading edge solutions help businesses worldwide to collect, process, apply and report on their receivables. All designed to enhance the speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency of your business, both locally and globally.

It’s like having a virtual bank in the corner of your office and the quickest way for turning cheques into cash.