Starting a business in Kentucky

Kentucky offers unique tax and trade benefits to new company formations, particularly in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The state also has a thriving automobile assembly industry and one of the most productive coal fields in the US. These two sectors are very attractive to potential investors in the area and generate a lot of favourable interest.

We specialise in starting a business in Kentucky on behalf of non US residents. Our team of experienced financial and legal consultants are able to arrange everything you need to open a Kentucky company, or anywhere else in the US, from opening a bank account to obtaining work permits.

Requirements for starting a business in Kentucky

  • Minimum share capital is just 1 dollar
  • A share increase may cause the initial filing fee to increase
  • One director is the minimum requirement
  • There is no company requirement for residency for directors
  • Directors are also not required to be listed in the company’s articles of incorporation
  • The name must use corporation, incorporation or an abbreviation
  • The name must be different to any other company
  • Registration to pay local taxes through an EIN Number

How much does it cost to start a business in Kentucky?

  • Due to the unique and individual nature of businesses, all enquiries are POA

How long does it take to start a business in Kentucky?

Starting a business in Kentucky takes approximately one week, depending upon the receipt of all relevant information. The documents will be sent to you anywhere in the world.

Serviced or virtual offices in Kentucky

  • Virtual offices include telephone, fax and mail forwarding facilities. The costs is £220 per month payable quarterly in advance, plus £660 deposit which is refundable within 30 days upon termination of your office contract.
  • Serviced offices are designed according to requirement.


Contact us and we  will introduce you directly  to an insured and regulated CPA/Accountant in the USA who will be able to review your requirements with you.

How to start a business in Kentucky

In order to begin the process of starting a business in Kentucky, we require the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • 100% of the relevant Kentucky Incorporation cost, due on receipt of a pro-forma invoice from us.
  • A certified copy of each Directors/Shareholders passport.
  • Two utility bills less than three months old.

The services we offer include locating offices in prestigious locations on your behalf, either serviced or virtual, signing deeds and other documents on your behalf and tax planning both pre and post Kentucky Company Formation. We use a trusted network of experienced Kentucky Company Registration professionals to provide you with a service that is hard to beat anywhere else. We also offer a consultation period anywhere in Europe, so you can manage your Kentucky Incorporation project without having to visit the US to do so.

For more Kentucky Incorporated information, or to find out more about company formations anywhere else in the US, call one of our expert advisors today.