Company Registration USA


Which State Should You Choose?


When considering company registration USA, you have 50 states from which to choose. Since all of those states are governed by the same Federal Government, then any two states should just about be the same as far as corporate filing goes, right? That is the first, and most crucial, mistake that uneducated business owners make when seeking company registration USA. When the United States of America was in its infancy, the founding fathers were wise enough to ensure that local matters like business formation would be left up to the individual states. And because of that, you have 50 separate and distinctly different sets of business incorporation rules and regulations available to choose from.


Each state has structured their corporate legal and tax laws to accomplish a different set of goals for the business looking to open its doors in America. Some states are virtual tax paradises, while the state right next door may be especially brutal in its corporate tax stance. Company registration USA should only be undertaken with a business formation specialist with years of experience in forming companies in the US, and one who understands which state will best match your needs, and help you reach your goals successfully.


Perhaps you only desire a business address and mail forwarding service. If so, then picking the right state that offers addresses with high recognition factor like New York and California would be desirable, but you still need to know of any differences in regulation and filing between the two. For instance, California will hit you with an $800 tax bill within 90 days of incorporation, and New York has no initial tax penalty, but costs more in state corporate filing fees. These are just a couple of the things you need to know, and a company registration USA professional with years of United States corporate filings in several states will keep you incorporating for the lowest possible fees, and highest possible business success.


The state of Nevada has long been known as a business haven, and according to data released by Nevada’s state government, 12% of all businesses incorporated there are non-resident owned. The business and tax atmosphere there is outstanding, but certain naming regulations may keep you from enjoying the wonderful rewards offered to businesses in Nevada. For example, the words “corporation”, “incorporation” or some form of abbreviation of one of those words must appear in your business name. That may prevent you from choosing Nevada as your company registration USA destination if you have a particular business name that you need to use.


Choosing the right state for your business filing is not hard if you choose the right firm to handle all the work for you. Only business formation specialists with years of experience and with local pros providing up-to-the-minute knowledge of state-specific corporate requirements can provide you with a swift, smooth company registration USA experience.


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