There are many reasons for wanting to move your existing business to the United States, or simply to begin the process of US company formation or company incorporation in Delaware. The biggest issue facing clients that we come across is – what state offers the most benefits for my business?

Every state in the US has its benefits not to mention potential pitfalls. Delaware is a straightforward state but financially you need to know what you are doing, we have access to knowledgeable accounts to deal with this. Even though the United States is one country each state is governed very differently.  You want to be able to find a company you can trust who works with accredited local lawyers and accountants without having to spend the time trying to find them yourself.

Fortunately Start An American Company has the solution to all these problems. We can offer everything from which state is best for you to incorporate your company through to dealing with legal, accountancy, office accommodation and immigration issues on your behalf. In fact we provide a range of tailor made packages to suit your all your company formation needs and arrange the whole process for you – so you don’t have too.

Start An American Company is ideal for those incorporating in the US for the first time and also for those who are already established but wish to expand and are looking for a better service. We always go one step further to make sure you have everything you need and more.




Our services are designed and provided for clients who wish to set up in Delaware. We offer expertise drawn from years of experience in the US incorporation market.

By applying this experience and using our excellent network of legal, financial, and office contacts we can assist you with company formations in all the different states across the US. For more information – please visit the individual state pages which can be accessed using the flags on the left hand side of this page for further details.

As a Delaware business owner you may need to have an office presence situated in a convenient location or you may need ongoing accountancy or legal assistance. We have access to offices, lawyers, accountants and consultants all over Delaware to assist with every stage of your business, according to budget and requirement. For further information about bespoke services, offices, accountancy or legal assistance, the benefits of registration in Delaware and how we can help you open a company in Delaware, please contact us via live chat, email or enquiry form.





As we have such expert knowledge of Delaware we are able to offer a speedy incorporation often taking just one week without you having to visit the US. Delaware is one of the most popular states for company formations. There are many reasons for this but some of the most important ones are:

  • There is NO corporate income tax for corporations as long as you do not transact your business in Delaware. You can therefore effectively incorporate your business in Delaware, operate in another state or country, and pay no corporate income tax.
  • There is NO sales tax if you are not operating within the state.
  • You must pay an annual franchise tax but this is often just a $125.00 flat fee, or $250.00 for a LLC incorporation.
  • And the tax benefits do not stop there; shares of stock are not subject to Delaware state taxes if the owner lives outside of the state. One individual may act as the company president, secretary, treasurer, and sole director. Other beneficial characteristics include:
  • Numerous types of business can be operated under a single corporate structure
  • Shareholders can communicate in writing without holding meetings
  • Non-shareholders are permitted to join the board of directors
  • Corporate records may be kept in any state, does not have to be Delaware
  • Delaware has no sales tax or personal property tax


Annual Taxes

All corporations incorporated in Delaware are required to file an annual report and to pay franchise tax.

Company Name Check Service

In Delaware, company names have to be approved first to see if they are acceptable as well as available for use. They will only be rejected if they are the same or similar phonetically or in spelling of an existing company or if the name implies state ownership or sponsorship. Certain words such as Insurance, bank or group or generally prohibited for an LLC. To show that your company is a limited liability company, either the suffix ‘Limited Liability Company’ or ‘’Limited Company’ must be affixed or alternately their corresponding abbreviations ‘LLC’ and LC’. Click here to fill in our form and get yuor name checked now…