Starting a business in Colorado

Colorado is a very popular location, as the state is considered a prosperous place to start a company. The income is above average and there is a fixed personal income tax. Businesses and incorporations can place themselves in special districts to make the most of favourable taxes.

The costs associated with Colorado Company Formation is relatively low compared to other parts of the US, when this is combined with low taxes and a high quality of life, the attraction to open a Colorado company is no surprise.

If you are thinking of becoming a resident in the state, our team of legal experts can procure work permits and social security numbers for all the company members and assist with Green Card applications.


Requirements for starting a business in Colorado:

  • Minimum of $1 share capital
  • An increase in the shares may cause an increase in the initial filing fee
  • At least one director is required
  • Residency for directors is not required
  • Directors are not required to be listed in the articles of incorporation
  • The name must be followed by corporation, incorporation or an abbreviation
  • The name must be different from other registered companies
  • Registration for an EIN Number and tax liability


How much does it cost to start a business in Colorado?

Due to the unique and individual nature of each business, all of our enquiries are POA


How long does it take to open a business in Colorado?

Starting a business in Colorado takes approximately one week, depending on the receipt of all relevant documentation. The documents will be sent to you anywhere in the world.


Serviced or virtual offices in Colorado

We have a number of affiliates that will provide both serviced and virtual offices for our clients. The importance of the right address for trading purposes cannot be overestimated, and therefore our office provisions for our clients is taken very seriously.

Serviced office rates include a secretary, receptionist, post room and all the technology you would expect an office to have, from computers to fax machines; and everything will be ready to go from the moment your new business formation project is completed.

If you prefer to conduct your business more remotely, we can provide you with a virtual office. All calls, emails, faxes and post will be directed through the local office before being forwarded to wherever you are in the world. Virtual offices allow the busy business person to control their US based business easily, in conjunction with other business interests, whilst making the most of the benefits associated with starting a company in the United States.



Contact us and we will introduce you directly to an insured and regulated CPA/Accountant in the USA who will be able to review your requirements with you.


How to start a business in Colorado

The procedures for incorporating a Colorado company firstly require us to obtain the following documentation from you:

  • A completed application form.
  • 100% of the company formation cost due on receipt of a pro-forma invoice from us.
  • A certified copy of each Directors/Shareholders passport.
  • Two utility bills less than three months old.