US Economy Beats Growth Expectations

US Economy Beats Growth Expectations

The US economy grew 4% at an annual rate over the April to June period beating expectations and reversing a contraction from earlier in the year. Because of this, the Federal Reserve has said it will ease back on stimulus efforts.

This boost has largely been attributed to consumer spending which makes up two thirds of the US economy, rising 2.5% during the second quarter with business spending also increasing a whopping 14% as businesses restocked.bigstock-Business-Growth-3867142

This combined with figures showing that private companies have provided around 218,000 new jobs to the economy would suggest that the American economy is now firmly out of the slump it experienced earlier in the year and is moving towards solid foundations of growth to once again establish itself as an economic powerhouse on the global stage after the downturn in 2009.

All three of the nation’s stock indexes were trading higher after the news showing that investors have faith in the recovery and see America as a good place to put their money. With the government still wary of inflation rates and keen to push on with the recovery measures are still in place to encourage as much investment as possible into the country.

As such, now might be an ideal to consider incorporating in America as the upswing in fortunes starts to take effect and spending on the rise a savvy entrepreneur could well make money and with each of the fifty individual states offering unique incentives and services to those considering setting up within their boundaries, choice certainly isn’t a problem.

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