4 Simple Steps to Successfully Opening a Business in America for European Investors


For Europeans looking to set up business in America, the list of questions about how to begin and what is required is lengthy indeed. But similar to incorporation in the UK or the EU, as well as business incorporation anywhere, there are a set of simple steps you can follow to ensure that your incorporation efforts are successful and timely. The 4 steps below will virtually guarantee the European investor the fastest possible error-free business incorporation in America, and one tailored to their unique goals and desires.


Consult a Respectable Pro

There are plenty of firms out there you can consult when attempting to open a business in America. So how do you know who to use? Simply put, demand a seasoned business incorporation specialist who offers a free telephone consultation or live online question and answer session. Steer clear of any company charging upfront fees. Be very specific, and in detail discuss your business goals and desires.


Choose a Business Entity

From Limited Liability Corporations that protect your business and personal assets, to a simple virtual office, the types of businesses you can set up in America which are advantageous to the European investor are literally as limitless and easily tailored to your needs as are your goals and desires. Don’t get shoehorned into the wrong business type. An ethical and experienced American business incorporation firm will happily cover all your options for you, and help choose the best vehicle for your business.


Choose The Right Location

America’s 50 states are as varied regulation-wise as they are culturally and geographically. Each state offers something different and specific which delivers a unique reward to the foreign investor. Have your American business consultant pick the best state for your particular business needs.


Employ Local American Business Professionals

This really should have been mentioned first, because some American business incorporation companies will never deal with a local American attorney or accountant. Make sure you stress to your American business incorporation firm that you demand local American business professionals handle all your transactions. These business pros live and work in the state in which you are incorporating, and are intimately knowledgeable of all business requirements and filing procedures. Only then will you know you are kept up to speed on the latest regulations and most advantageous strategies.


Opening a business in America for the European investor can be simple and swift, or lengthy and laborious. By choosing the right American business incorporation specialist you can maximize the return on your investment, and minimize headaches and frustration. Follow the four steps above and that’s exactly what you will do. For more information on starting a business in america, click here.