Open a US Bank Account With American Remote Banking

US Bank Account for Non US Residents


Open A US Bank Account: What is American Remote Banking?

Remote banking has become and is one of the most important services for any bank account holder. It allows a customer/user manage their transactions and to make payments anywhere in the world with the use of the internet or a phone and of course when you’re in the country, there’s nothinmg stopping you walking straight into the bank itself.

Why Choose Us When Seeking a USA Bank Account?

  • We are the ONLY people in Europe that can open a US bank account for non residents without the client having to visit the states, saving you the hassle and money that would be required to do so
  • We have a complete USA Bank Account package that offers the American bank account, online banking, EIN application, address and phone number for one year and $100 deposited into the bank account
  • We can open with Wachovia part of wells fargo, Bank of America or HSBC


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